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Why choose cloud?

The trusted name in virtualization and cloud computing software. VMware allows flexible resource allocation with little to no downtime and is not an operating system dependent hypervisor like Xen or Windows Hyper-V. Gchao is also a VMware Certified Enterprise Services Provider and vCloud Powered Service Provider with VMware Certified Professionals on staff.

  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance

    All Gchao Cloud Pools comes with Level 1 SAN Protection and Level 2 High Availability. If your host server fails, your VM is still active and is live migrated to a new host. Application level high availability is also available for various supported application such as Microsoft SQL. Learn more here

  • Blazing Fast Storage

    Gchao Cloud Servers run on the fastest SSD drives configured in RAID-10 sets for the best performance for all types of workloads. Gchao Cloud Pool utilizes flash caching technology across all redundant SAN storage arrays with cross site replication to RAID-10 based SAN storages. Your Cloud Pool is protected from local host disk failures or limited capacity. All SAN storage arrays are self healing and onsite hot standby spares ready to go in the unlikely event a storage array goes offline. Gchao SAN storage arrays are built for maximum IOPS and redundancy with 4 levels of storage to choose from, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Provision and deploy servers within minutes using Gchao vCloud Director self service portal available with all Private Cloud plans. Off load your workloads to the cloud without delay and no contractual commitments!

  • Fully Scalable and Customizable

    With Cloud, you are better equipped to face the influx of loads that can rise and fall at any given time. You can scale your Cloud features – upgrade and downgrade whenever necessary, and balance your loads easily and efficiently. You can control the scalability and customizability of your own cloud server inside a Gchao Cloud Pool at your own will and pace without hiring an IT expert. Pay for only what you need at that moment and scale as needed to keep costs down.

  • Simplified Management

    Manage your Cloud server through with fully functional console access for out of band keyboard, video and mouse features as well as power on/off/reset controls. You can also manage your Cloud server using VMware vCloud Client iOS app or through GCHAO vCloud Director

  • Backup and Replication

    Cloud server hosting allows you to migrate your data and applications easily to other data centers, as well having them protected and replicated to ensure you don't lose any information along the process. Protect your data with proper enterprise grade backup solutions from Gchao powered by Veeam the leader in virtualization backup and replication. Gchao offers local site backup options as well as off site cross data center replication to any of our data centers.

  • Easy Migration

    Whether you are a current Gchao dedicated server user or host somewhere else, our engineers can help you convert your physical server into a Gchao Cloud server within a few hours depending on the amount of data on your server. You can even import your OVF or VMDK image files directly from an existing VMware vSphere environment or from Amazon AWS.

  • Wide Range of Operating Systems

    We offer the widest selection of operating systems in both 32 and 64 bit platforms for Windows and various distributions of Linux. We are always testing and adding different operating systems to meet the requirements of our customers. If you don't see any OS that you need you can always request a custom installation.

  • Complete Root Access

    Install anything you want. On demand, a machine will be have the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Apache, and more! Implement your own applications like, WordPress, mail exchange, phpBB, Joomla, Magento, and many other mainstream applications.

  • Gigabit Powered Network

    All Cloud servers come with Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NIC's). All host servers have dual 10Gbps ports to the core network which is powered by 10Gbps technology. This allows for faster throughput to the VPLS network. See our Network page to learn more about our 200+Gbps of transit and peering points.

  • Open API Access

    Gchao supports direct API access to our Cloud Platform if you need to orchestrate or add automated scripts to manage your virtual machines. We support both VMware vCloud Director and VMware vSphere API's.

  • Increase Business Agility

    A Cloud Server or Cloud Pool allows you do more in less time; helps you improve your cash flow by increasing efficiency and productivity and streamline your processes in one data center that you have full control of. Stop spending CapEx on building your own data center and turn it all into OpEx.

  • Work Anywhere with Any Operating System

    Cloud servers, being networked-based platforms, allow you to access your files and applications anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Cloud gives you the freedom to work on your data whether you're updating files on a laptop with 32 or 64 bit platform, or accessing your files through a smart phone or a tablet.