Advantages of Our Cloud Servers

High Availability

VPB Cloud Servers are protected against host failures with high availability built in to maximize uptime. Application aware High Availability is also available for additional protection, contact a Cloud Specialist for more details.

Blazing Fast Storage

VPB allows you to store data at impeccable speeds. With the use of solid state drives (SSD) and distributed block storage system, we take storage security and speed to the next level by protecting your business from disk failure and removing limits that come with old-fashioned server technologies.

Powered by Onapp

We use Onapp, a reputable household name for hypervisor virtualization and cloud computing technology. VPB Cloud Server is an agile and cost-effective cloud computing platform that allows you not just to run, store and use applications onsite and offsite but also to utilize all sorts of applications, whether they're brand new or old-age applications, without the issues on compatibility, compliance and security.

Grow into a pool

Start off small with a single Cloud Server and when you're ready to take it to the next level we can migrate you to our Cloud Pools. Our Cloud Pool offers you the flexibility, security, scalability and customizability so you store and run applications on and off the Cloud confidently. Get to know more about our Cloud Pool offerings and see how this technology can make a marked difference to your business. Schedule a demo with us now.