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2xE5-2450L (HK VPB or SD)

Product number:2xE5-2450L (HK VPB or SD)

CPU 2xE5-2450L
Hard Drive 2TB SATA
Bandwidth 10M/Unmetered
IPs 244IPs(4*/26)
Tag Multiple IP
Price $210.00
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Data Center

All servers are allocated by the order time. For this server,2xE5-2450L32GB2TB SATA10M/Unmetered244IPs(4*/26)$219.00,if you request hongkong geolocation ips on this server, it takes 1-7 working days or more days to setup it because we only have 100 units with the geolocation ips.If you donot request geolocation ips, we can deliver it to you in 24 working hours