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High Performance Managed Cloud Servers

    VPB's managed cloud servers allow you to focus on developing your applications or websites while we take care of your cloud infrastructure. Whether you are looking to optimize or scale your existing infrastructure, migrate from an on-premise datacenter, or you would like to establish a cost effective, cloud-based disaster recovery site, we are ready to help. We understand that it is hard to find good people, which is why we are there for you 24x7x365, for pennies on the dollar compared to hiring your own staff. We take full responsibility for the availability, security, performance, and cost of your cloud environment.

    VPB. When failure is simply not an option.

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Critical applications,production environment,sensitive virtual machines: Dedicated Cloud is the only service on the market to meet all your demands,no compromises.

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Hong Kong
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vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
HK-Plan A1 vCPU1GB30GB SSDUnlimited/3M$9.99Order
HK-Plan B2 vCPU2GB30+20GB SSDUnlimited/3M$19.99Order
HK-Plan C4 vCPU4GB30+40GB SSDUnlimited/3M$29.99Order
HK-Plan D8 vCPU 8GB30+60GB SSDUnlimited/3M$39.99Order
vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
Plan 11 vCPU1GB30GB SSDUnlimited/3M$9.99Order
Plan 22 vCPU2GB50GB SSDUnlimited/3M$19.99Order
Plan 32 vCPU4GB70GB SSDUnlimited/3M$29.99Order
Plan 44 vCPU8GB90GB SSDUnlimited/3M$39.99Order
vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
US-Plan Special 70% OFF1 vCPU1GB60G SATA2TB/100M$9.99Order
US-Plan A1 vCPU2GB120GB SATA5TB/1G $19.99Order
US-Plan B2 vCPU4GB240GB SATA10TB/1G $39.98Order
US-Plan C4 vCPU8GB480GB SATA20TB/1G$79.76Order
US-Plan D8 vCPU 32GB1000GB SATA40TB/1G$159.52Order
vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
G2-11 vCPU1GB30GB SSD1000GB$11.00Order
G2-44 vCPU4GB120GB SSD3000GB$44.00Order
G2-22 vCPU2GB60GB SSD2000GB$22.00Order
G2-88 vCPU 8GB240GB SSD5000GB $88.00Order
vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
EU SSD VPS Packages1 vCPU2GB20G SSDUnlimited/100M$15.00Order
Cloud VPS Packages1 vCPU2GB25GB SSDUnlimited/100M$19.00Order
Cloud RAM Packages1 vCPU6GB25GB SSDUnlimited/100M$25.00Order
vCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
Singapore SSD VPS1 vCPU1GB30GB/240GB SSD1TB/100M$8.50Order
G1-1vCPU1 vCPU1GB30GB500GB$33.00Order
G1-2vCPU2 vCPU2GB60G SATA1000GB$46.00Order
G1-4vCPU4 vCPU4GB120GB SATA2000GB$72.00Order
G1-8vCPU8 vCPU 8GB240GB SATA4000GB $125.00Order

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