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Xeon E3 Grab Bag $69.00

Product number:Xeon E3 Grab Bag $69.00

Description 3mo = 7% 6mo = 10% 12mo = 15%
CPU E3 Grab Bag
Hard Drive 500GB SSD
Bandwidth 20TB/1G
IPs 1
Tag Unlimited Traffic
Price $127.00
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Data Center

Four Locations to Choose From:Miami;Chicago;Los Angeles;Dallas│
Network:nLayer, Cogent, Zayo; 200Gbps global network│
DDOS Protection: Free 10 Gbps / 10M PPS |
Multiple IP: 5~253 IPv4 IPs, IPv6 Included | Data center have Email filter,  CN2,Dedicated 1G&10G Port Available
Toyko Lacation is Available on Cloud Server│Window OS Chinese Version Available