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E5-2660 8cores

Product number:E5-2660 8cores

CPU E5-2660
Hard Drive 1TB SATA240GB SSD
Bandwidth 10M/Unmetered
IPs 3
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Price $279.00
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Data Center

The graphics card server has real-time high-speed parallel computing and floating-point computing capabilities, and is suitable for 3D graphics applications, video decoding, deep learning, scientific computing and other application scenarios. Perfect support for Direct3D, OpenGL, DirectDraw, AGP texture acceleration, support for running IOS simulator, Android mobile phone simulator, suitable for mobile game hanging, automatic script running. Support bluestack, Xiaoyao, thunderbolt, night god and other Android simulators. The GT740 (4GD5) graphics card meets the new generation of data requirements and brings multi-functional cloud computing services.