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Monthly Commission consists of Fixed Commission and Bonuses. Moreover, $10 will be awarded once you are activated as new affiliate. Commission can only be awarded for every new client in each month.

We will pay you a commission based on the below structure:

Fixed Commission: 5% of monthly Sales. You can get fixed commission every month till the client terminate the service.

For example: When you have 1000 referrals, each referral has five servers with average $100.00. You will get $1000*5*100*5%=$25000.00 every month, and $25000.00*12= $300000.00 one year.

  • Bonuses:
  • 1 client/per month $10
  • 5 clients/per month $40
  • 10 clients/per month $80
  • 20 clients/per month $160
  • 30 clients/per month $260
  • 50+ clients/per month $500

Incentivized commissions, and offering any form of incentive to obtain a sale is forbidden, unless prior approval is given and cleared by VPB Staff. To inquire on whether your incentive is acceptable, please e-mail: [email protected].

The Bonuses is subject to change from time to time, upon e-mail notice to you and commencing the 30-days following such notice.

If you are referring clients to VPB from a free hosting service that you run, you are not eligible for commissions unless given express permission by VPB. You must contact our affiliate department for review and a special commission rate.

Commission Payment.

Commissions deemed due and owed to you under the program will be paid to you directly by after any holding period and in accordance with a regular payout cycle established by No commission will be paid for signups by you, your household, or anyone within your organization. VPB reserves the right to only pay for referrals that are active. Active is defined by clients with a website and domain name pointed to a VPB server with user uploaded content. Commissions can be earned per each new client referred through the unique affiliate link. An existing customer, defined by any client who has had an existing account with us at anytime in the past, would not be eligible for a commission with the program. Referrals who have signed up using free domain name services will be subject to manual inspection and may be deemed invalid by VPB. We reserve the right to cancel any of your affiliate coupons, even if you are currently using the coupon. All coupons created internally for VPB promotion are ineligible for affiliate commission.

PayPal payments will only be reissued within 120 days of the original issue date in the case of incorrect PayPal address or refusal from PayPal to accept payment.