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Russia GPU Servers

NVIDIA GTX 1080/1080Ti, GRID K2, TESLA M60 that are capable of processing any task at hand. Equipped with graphics processors, these servers are configured for intensive use. Thanks to their computing power, GPU servers are designed to speed up parallel task processing. If your application requires the extra power that is offered by a GPU, we have you covered. Contact US.



CPU RAM Hard Drive Bandwidth IPs Price/Month
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GTX 1080/E3-1230v5 16GB 240GB SSD 10TB/1G 1 $304.00 Order Now
GRID K2/E5-1650v4 32GB 480GB SSD 10TB/1G 1 $476.00 Order Now
2xGTX1080/E5-1630v4 32GB 480GB SSD 10TB/1G 1 $567.00 Order Now
2xE5-2620v4/2xGRID K2 64GB 2x960GB SSD 10TB/1G 1 $972.00 Order Now
4xGTX1080/E5-1630v4 64GB 240GB SSD/960GB 10TB/1G 1 $1065.00 Order Now

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