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Why Choose VPB.COM ?

VPB is a dedicated server provider that,

With "solution oriented" concept, VPB is a firm that provides dedicated server products and related servers for users global world.

Build self-owned server room in different countries, also have in-depth collaboration with some world class dedicated server companies, target to meet diversified requirements and save time and investment of users from all over the world.

The optimized international network guarantees stable and smooth visiting for global user.

Have 890,000 active users worldwide.

Closer to user. Our friendly engineers support you in 24/7 pre and after selling.

Aiming at providing the most suitable and cost-effective server by your requirement.

Instant server deployment and fastest delivery can be done within couple of hours.

Always try to give more and free and in-time service for our user, including backup, reboot, reset, configuration environment and hard drive replacement.

Focusing more on users experience than buy a server from us.

Easy pay.  PayPalCredit Cards, BitcoinT/T(Telegraphic Transfer) and more....even you can pay by your mobile device anytime anywhere.