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High Performance & Availability

VPB.COM offers three excellent failsafe services for customers who need to make sure their websites or applications remain up and running with little to no downtime or data loss. Depending on the level of protection a customer needs, you can choose between our VMware High Availability or VMware Fault Tolerance optional services. While at first glance these two services seem to the do the same task, they are actually very different. Continue reading to learn more about each, and discover what type of protection is best suited for your needs.

Level 1 - San Protection

Our latest farm of VMware ESX Servers running VSphere 4 runs on our high performance RAID-50 SAN storage. Other Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server providers use a single server & local disk storage. In the event that server fails, all virtual machines will go down as well. Krypt utilizes high performance flash drives to load our ESX operating system and all storage is mounted on our high performance SAN. VMotion allows us to live migrate a vps from one ESX server to another with minimal downtime experienced. If there is an ESX server failure we can quickly migrate all users to another ESX server! This service is provided free of charge by default to all VPS-5K and above.

Level 2 - VMware HA Protection

VMware HA has automatic detection of failures, and upon detection, initiates a new virtual machine restart on a completely different physical server without any human intervention needed. This service protects against both hardware and software failures. VMware HA doesn't just initiate restarts when there are server faults, but also restarts the virtual machines if there is a problem with the operating system. As expected, all this takes place without any human intervention needed, ensuring very little downtime. VMware HA is a great failsafe service for any and all customers who want that extra comfort that their server will remain online, even in the case of a failure or crash.

Level 3 - Fault Tolerance Protection

VMware FT is the leading technology that provides continuous availability for customers who need to make sure their web applications are running 24/7. While VMware HA automatically detects failures, and restarts the virtual machine on another server; VMware FT provides a seamless failover, resulting in zero downtime, zero data loss, and continuous availability. A customers virtual machine is always constantly cloning, even in the case of a failure. VMware FT automates the creation of a secondary vm right after a failover to ensure continuous, non stop protection. VMware FT works with existing HA clusters, allowing our customers to upgrade to this higher level of protection if the desire arises.*

*VMware FT currently only supports one VCPU with FT setup