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Arp attack phenomenon and solution

Common symptoms of arp cheating:
1. Frequent regional or overall drop in local area network (LAN), returned to normal after restart the computer or network equipment. When ARP cheating program with computer in the network to communicate, would lead to frequent drops, restart the computer after such problems or disable the network card, or restart the network equipment will temporarily solve the problem, but also drops may happen;

2. Fast at slow speeds, extremely unstable, but standalone data test everything is ok when zone of a computer by ARP cheat after the illegal intrusion process, it will continue to send all of the computer and network equipment network a large number of illegal ARP cheat packets, blocking network channels, network equipment caused by overloading, lead to network communication quality is not stable;

3. The site was added some local code, namely the normal local access, access networks outside when there's extra code.

How to judge whether the ARP attack:
1. Check the address of the gateway in the network connection.

2. The arp - a view using the gateway IP address of the MAC address. Had to check the address and under normal circumstances is not the same as the MAC address, you can determine is by arp cheat gateway.