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China Unicom Launches Chinese Cloud Computing Service ‘Wo Cloud’

          Chinese telecom China Unicom has launched a full-service cloud computing and big data brand called “Wo-Cloud” built on OpenStack open-source cloud software and delivered from data centers in Hohhot and Langfang.

China Unicom’s Wo Cloud V2.0 product series includes cloud hosting, cloud storage, and Software as a Service.


China Unicom expects government, enterprise and software service provider customers to use its dedicated service cloud.

“China Unicom will rely on its advantages in network resources, infrastructure, mobile internet technology, scope of customers, and dedicated service,” China Unicom president, Lu Yimin said in a statement. “China Unicom will focus on IaaS- and PaaS-level products for 3G, broadband, and public customers by creating a public service cloud.”

China Unicom said it intends to increase its investment in building a world-class, cloud-computing infrastructure and attempting to build a modern-operations management environment.

China Unicom is one of the latest local enterprise-level cloud providers in the Chinese market which is just now becoming more open to foreign competition. A number of prominent foreign competitors are entering the market with the help of partnerships with local firms. Recently, Microsoft and 21Vianet launched the Windows Azure cloud in China and Amazon Web Services announced a partnership with local infrastructure providers to extend its cloud services to China for a limited preview in early 2014.

China is expected to become a major market for cloud computing over the next several years. The right enterprise-grade cloud solutions may be needed for China’s evolving enterprises to continue to grow.