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Remote connection MySQL database

Process as follows:  
1. The MySQL installation folder under the bin directory is added to the system path variable.  

2. Registered mysqld database open command to the Windows system service: When typing mysqld mysqld --install or need to use every direct (Optional --console parameter).  

3. Using the root user login (if necessary change the root password to access local l) - see previous articles.  

4. Giving remote (local area network) root user login privileges and passwords:. Grant all previlige on * * to 'root'@'192.168.153.%' identified by 'pwd'. At this point the server configuration is complete.

5. The remote client (I am a machine), and enter the command line window, type: mysql -u root -p -h Enter the password pwd appear 'mysql>' description after the re-connected after the carriage return You can access the MySQL database on the machine. Note: Because the two machines have been installed MySQL database, so the command tool complete; wonder if there is not a pure broken MySQL client command management tools.