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Use the server for free , new ways on transferring the page view to mone

     Game promotion has become the important way to transfer page view to money According to the date, in the first half year of 2014, the export volume of online game in China is 2.95 billion (RMB), among which the web game is the major growth power. Chinese web game companies has successfully expanded English markets in EU, US and other regions, and a batch of single product with over one hundred million revenue is going to spring up , thus creating a new pattern of global distribution. Chinese web game market accounts for more than 80% of the worldwide markets, for example, the game WARTUNE got online in North America in Aug 2012, and only after one year its monthly oversea income has reached to ten million dollars. Web game has become the main ways on transferring the pageviews into money.

At present, the mainstream web games in Europe and America, Southeast Asia are all developed by Chinese developers, and most of the games from China in Europe and America are the native products of early years. We provide an opportunity for webmasters to cooperate with Chinese online game developers directly. The game Monkey Tower that operated by Zhenzhou Zoneyet Technology Corp.,Ltd is the Chineseproduction finished in Jun 2015, and Zoneyet’s independent production GaGahi has over 15 million users from all over the world. Moreover, before taking over the game, Zoneyet has done a lot date analysis , which shows that Monkey Tower is really suitable for users in Europe and America.


And now Zoneyet is seeking plenty of channel cooperation. Under the CPS bonus mode, channel will get 50% of the bonus, which can be used to offset the expense on server renting. And you can use the server for free with only a few pageviews, besides we will pay the extra parts to our partners to let them get long term benefits.

We are looking forward to discussing other cooperation methods with you.

Would -be partners please send an email to [email protected] to get the game introduction and discuss the cooperation intentions.