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Online game on the server requirements

Relative to the single-player game or other local area network (LAN), a large network game the client is no longer to logical processing of data, most of the logic calculation on the backend server for processing, lead to the player and the data transmission between the backend server frequency is much and mostly keep long link, the server response speed, concurrent ability, link stability performance is directly determines the client player's user experience. As a result, the game server selection and architectural construction and to the Web server, game server taller to the requirement of the hardware and the whole system architecture.

1,Quick response;

As a result of the online game server cluster corresponding to all the game client, each player's actions in real-time influence each other. PK between players, for example, in receives the players command, the server need to immediately determine both weapons, hit points, armor and resistance properties, and then pass through a certain algorithm to final output a damage. And these all need server in real-time operation and make feedback, need in millisecond delay. Therefore, the logic of online game server needs strong computing ability, or adopt high-performance servers, or through the ascension of the whole system server cluster computing ability.

2,,High concurrency

For a popular online game, high concurrency ability test is a difficult problem on the server. The player's in-game frequents large-scale landing and at the same time, the group chat will need high concurrent processing link. To the IM server, for example, when a player in the game issued a message that goal is the whole map all players, so this message may need to be sent to the tens of thousands of players at the same time, the news released and this is just a player, if it's 10, 100 or 10000 players at the same time send the radio? So, a same hardware configuration of the server, may run Nginx (concurrent) for dealing with the Web server can handle thousands of links at the same time, but for a game server is only 1, 2000. For the login and management server, therefore, can support high concurrency basis is an important consideration.

3,A large amount of data

A large online games on the server side need to store a large amount of data, such as the game map data, resource data, the basic data of won't have too big change. In addition, the player to create a game each character will have a series of data to be stored, such as the name, ID, equipment, pet, attributes, and so on, and whether or not the player whether online, long time not logged in, the relevant data needs to be permanent. Online storage server, therefore, need to larger, safe storage space to store the data.