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American independent IP virtual host

With the popularity of virtual host, more and more webmaster friends begin to pay attention to the host configuration and performance of the space, it also requires that the host in provide meet the demand of users at the same time, also have to ensure excellent performance and enough value. In many host at home and abroad, the US independent IP virtual host is favored by a lot of users.  

  The so-called independent IP virtual host also called independent IP space, it is actually has an independent virtual host IP address; General virtual host with the IP address of the independent after is the independent IP virtual host. So would the user to select independent IP virtual host what are the advantages? 

 1. The virtual host most used are Shared IP, which means users are on the same virtual host the same IP, once the user because of irregularities or other problems, will affect other users in the same IP, with independent IP virtual host there would be no such problem.  

  2. Shared virtual host IP users only through a domain name to access the site after site to use IP address to access, and use the independent IP website can direct access to the site via IP.  

  3. Independent IP host user can realize the DNS binding, and can be set by the wildcard all secondary domain name to access the same IP address, effectively avoid the user because the error caused by input can't visit the web site.  

 4. The use of independent IP virtual host site also can improve the website weight, search engines will determine level of independent IP website so as to improve the quality of the collected, search engines are more likely to crawl to the site page.  

  Compared with Shared IP, independent IP virtual host, obviously, the advantages of general enterprises will choose independent IP to site, in addition to the stability of the site have security, good operation of the web site at the same time have some help. Now independent IP hosts on price and other Shared hosting, also won't be so expensive.