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Video streaming media server in network monitoring

The streaming media technology already quite mature, successfully solved in the network download while listening to watch the problem, the user is watching the media presentation of vivid and clear at the same time, no longer to spend a lot of time to wait for transfer files. But in monitoring LAN, streaming media server is faced with the specific requirements of the monitoring network video transmission.

A, traditional direct monitoring platform

Traditional point-to-point direct monitoring platform has many shortcomings, mainly in processing ability is limited, there is no storage capacity, across a network segment and security problems, vulnerable, moreover on the backbone bandwidth pressure, access and export is easy to form a bottleneck on the network load balancing processing is not ideal.

B, the streaming media server on the monitoring platform of functional requirements

Streaming media server need to provide video forwarded, user authentication, access authentication, on this basis, provide the function of the optimization of load balancing, reduce network bandwidth requirements, improve the reliability of the whole video distribution part.

(a)  video forward complex equilibrium

Streaming media server to support internal and external video forwarding monitoring network. When there is more than one local area network (LAN) multiple customers need to access the same client, the network remote images, streaming media server can be drawn from front-end DVR video multiplex forward, and on the wan only takes up a channel resources. The forward service can effectively reduce the pressure of the bandwidth of the wan, save network resources, will not affect the video preview effect.

System to share the load of network by streaming media server, provide the number of users directly on a visit to the front-end monitoring host at the same time, improve the overall reliability of the system, and the network load is relatively balanced, make integral will have transmission bottleneck in local.

(b)   security certification

Streaming media server for about foreign network video interview, especially in the government and the public security relates to some key secrets area such as monitoring, need from the user's security authentication, permissions and so on several aspects:

1) external network access user authentication, only accept the streaming media server authorized users to access;

2) according to the time limit for authorized users to access front-end host refuses to unauthorized access time;

3) limit through access channels, the realization of part of the open channel.

Through multiple access restrictions can effectively guarantee the security of video data monitoring center, reach out permissions, illegal time and not in control mainframe users don't have access to the front of the list.

In addition, the streaming media server need according to the different levels of the importance of access users to give and achieve a dominant position in the advanced user bandwidth, implement preferential access; According to the situation of the network environment can export total bandwidth, front-end network streaming media server upload video bandwidth, front-end host upload channel because the restrictions on.

C: streaming media server application in hd monitor

Monitoring network development trend has been towards a full digital, full hd IP camera store, streaming media server to bear the responsibility of the high-definition video storage, forwarding, gradually into the video server, and as the video capacity increasing, gradually, and the storage network (SAN) collaboration, give play to the role of store and forward, to better meet the needs of video store-and-forward.