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The advantage of dedicated server

Compared to independent server hosting space is the most obvious difference between difference is exclusive and Shared. Independent server is suitable for the highly free operating application service, mainly some emerging network business, such as online video, live online, online games, download stations and so on complex service applications. Virtual host space because of its simple operation, low cost, by the broad masses of users. Generally used for small web portal, personal blog, and so on relatively simple service applications. So what other than independent server hosting space special advantage?

1. Independent server support services such as WEB, FTP, can also own configuration environment, installation components, erection services. Can be backwards compatible virtual host not compatible application, environment.

2. Independent server HTTP, FTP, SSH, sendmail, mysql, etc are independent, only you, don't like a virtual host, a lot of people to share these resources. Both security, performance and operation and freedom is a virtual host. And also can follow one's inclinations choice version of these resources, to upgrade to upgrade, why want to do, also can update our system patches, program version, thus reducing the security risks.


3. Independent server need to set security policy, system environment, all functions are completely independent. And virtual host is the system permissions delimited by the service provider, will be affected by other big space, such as being attacked other space, blocked will produce certain effect to our space.

4. Independent servers are generally equipped with a powerful control panel, convenient our self-help management and maintenance. Restart, repair, reshipment, backup, real-time monitoring, and so on utility function are indispensable for some novice webmasters.