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How many types of hosting ?


1.Dedicated Server
This is exactly what it sounds like – a single-tenant virtual machine that’s dedicated to you and you alone – which makes it the ultra-modern single family home in our analogy. It’s the most costly option, but only high-traffic, resource-intensive websites really need it.

2.Cloud Server
cloud server is powerful physical or virtual infrastructure that performs application and information processing storage. Cloud servers are created using virtualization software to divide a physical (bare metal) server into multiple virtual servers. 
Organizations use an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model to process workloads and store information. They can access virtual server functions remotely through an online interface.
If shared web hosting is like an apartment complex, VPS is more like a townhome. You’ll enjoy upgraded resources AND you’ll be sharing them with much fewer people. This gives you more power, flexibility and control, but it also costs a little more.


SEO Server

1. Mutiple 2000+ Different Class C IPs on One Dedicated Server

SEOservers offers the highest-quality multiple IPs web hosting services available, using the industry's largest network of unique, geographically dispersed IP addresses.

2.All Class C IP's are Dedicated

Dedicated IP addresses on Dedicated Server. Each unique Class C IP address you lease is yours and yours alone. The best SEO Dedicated Server for your optimization efforts

3. Worldwide Geo Locations IPs

Since search engines are geographically specific in most cases you will need a different strategy for each country. Diverse geolocation close to your end users, it is the most advanced choose for SEO

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SEO Server Popular uses: WordPress Hosting, PBN(Private Blog Network) and More Application need Multiple IPS on one server hosting.