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Payment methods on VPB.COM

Personalized Payment Option

VPB.COM Inc. as a global hosting provider offers multiple ways of payments for our global customers. We accept all major PayPal, Credit Cards, BitCoin/Ethereum/Bitcoin Cash, T/T(Telegraphic Transfer) and more. The following is details about respective payment methods

1.Pay by PayPal
By electing to use your PayPal® account to make a purchase through VPB you are agreeing to the Merchant-Initiated Payment billing agreement through PayPal.

By the “PayPal Subscribe” way, You can enjoy VPB's subscription services, it is the best way.
By the “PayPal Check out” way, Quick and easy.
If your Paypal account creation and log in are not required, Paypal provide a guest checkout option. By"PayPal Check out"way, and then Choose"Pay with Debit or Credit Card"option.But this requires you to verify your credit card information.

Our Paypal Account is [email protected],you can pay directly, and then tell the Pre-sales.

Notice: After the first time payment, for security, we need a verification. Please use your Paypal account email-address send the following Content to [email protected]

 "This is my paypal account, i made the purchase myself . I have read and agree to the Terms of Service of VPB.COM"

 Once we receive the confirmed message, we will be able to validate your order.

Credit Card payment by paypal without paypal account, it is easy way and less request of verification information  

2.Pay by Credit Card
VPB accept the Visa, MasterCard and JCB. In order to complete the payment successfully, please make sure your IP address, Credit Card Bank and Country is consistent, and once you received our Invoice Payment Confirmation mail, the payment is successful.

Notice: After the payment, for security, we need a verification, please provide the images required below and send it to our Email [email protected]
1. The screenshot of this transaction history in your online bank account. (the message or email notification about this transaction from your bank is also valid)
2. Please kindly send us the back and front photo of your credit card (you can cover the middle digits of credit card number , but we need to see the first and last four digits of your credit card like 416081******9019, and you can cover the CVV).
3. The pictures of your ID card.
Once we got both the money and the verification, we will setup your service immediately. Thanks for choosing VPB.

3.Pay by BTC/ ETH/ BCH

By using VPB's pay by BTC/ ETH/ BCH payment option "BitCoin(BTC)","Ethereum(ETH)","Bitcoin Cash(BCH)" to our blow account, you can purchase services.

The price can be referred to the real-time purchase price on

BitCoin(BTC) Deposit Address: 38bZHz6r1DRTHGLSaCZWagJmukWbxXxFXw 
                       Backup Address:19Xpn6ZTDZvHHVmqauZoqecVjVr2419rLW

IMPORTANT: Send only BitCoin(BTC) to the corresponding deposit address. Sending any other currency to the BitCoin(BTC) address will result in the loss of your deposit.


Ethereum(ETH) Deposit Address: 0x28066b56ee868a5dbb40361106e7d35ade06f4e4

IMPORTANT: Send only Ethereum(ETH) to the corresponding deposit address. Sending any other currency to the Ethereum(ETH) address will result in the loss of your deposit.

Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Deposit Address: 163wvJZUh596dARVdGdQww4qmVvKYb2q6Y

IMPORTANT: Send only Bitcoin Cash(BCH) to the corresponding deposit address. Sending any other currency to the Bitcoin Cash(BCH) address will result in the loss of your deposit.

When you finished the transfer to us, pls Open a ticket and tell us your Payment amount and Transaction ID/NO. for updateing the Status of Order. We will confirm and set up your service immediately.

4.Pay by Telegraphic Transfer or more payment method
VPB.COM support T/T payment, lets you to transfer funds directly between your bank account and ours.

Beneficiary Bank Name: Bank of America
Account Name: VPB INC.
Account Number: 325089293115
ACH Routing Number: 121000358
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Bank Address: 150 S California Ave, West Covina, CA 91790

After the Telegraphic Transfer, please send an email to [email protected] ,or open a ticket with the following information:
1.Date the electronic transfer was sent
2.Your account name
3.Your account number
4.Amount sent
5.Reference Number # (same as the Invoice#)

If you want more,you can reach us