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Special discounts on our VPS, Cloud and Dedicated

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* Full price addons, upgrades and OS.

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VPB INC.(LOS ANGELES), is a web hosting provider that specializes in dedicated server hosting, cloud server and its related products and services. The company started its business as an agent of international IDC, specializing in providing dedicated server hosting, server rental and web designing. With a strong support by a powerful tech team and professional sales team, the company has grown rapidly over recent years and now is capable of offering various other associated services such as providing custom plans for enterprises, businesses and individual uses (SOHO) in the global market.

With the fast growth of the global electronic commerce market growing nowadays, VPB INC. is expanding its business worldwide and has already established its fully-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong. Being as a start with the performance in the past, VPB INC. is looking forward to a brighter future, through serving the potential and existing users from all over the world.

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