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CPU RAM Hard Drive Bandwidth IPs Price/Month
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2xE5-2670v2 256GB 3x3TB SATA/3× 600 GB/3× 500 GB Unmetered/1G 1 $399.00 Order Now
E5-1660v3 128GB 2x4TB SATA Unlimited/1G 1 $400.00 Order Now
E3-1246v3 16GB 2x240GB SSD Unmetered/1G/Dedicated 1 $405.00 Order Now
2xE5-2620v4/GPU 32GB/DDR4/ECC 2x1TB SATA Unlimited/100M 1/Up to 61 IPS $450.00 Order Now
2x E5-2670 v3 32GB/DDR4/ECC 2x1TB SATA Unmetered/100M 1/Up to 61 IPS $410.00 Order Now
2xE5-2640v4 16GB 4xHDD Unmetered/100M 1 $420.00 Order Now
2x Xeon Gold 5118 96GB 2x4TB SATA Unmetered/1G 1 $499.00 Order Now
GRID K2/E5-1650v4 32GB 480GB SSD 10TB/1G 1 $476.00 Order Now
E3-1230v6 32GB 2x500GB Unmetered/1G 1 $489.00 Order Now
2x Xeon Gold 5118 128GB 2x240GB SSD 10TB/1000M 1 $520.00 Order Now

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